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The Tablacus Explorer is a popular Windows application that allows the user to get information about a registry. When the registry is damaged, it can cause slow down in the Windows operating system. However, this program also allows the user to search for any free software that is associated with Windows. This application works by providing a search box and then the user just has to type in the word that he is looking for and the program will provide the program he is looking for.

If the user searches for Windows 7 Home Premium, the application will show the download of Windows 7 Home Premium. The application is very easy to use. The user can just use the space bar and then search for the desired word. The program will give the user a list of Windows applications associated with Windows. The application will not only provide the Windows software, but it will also provide free software programs for Windows Vista. The application is available for download at the website

There are other websites where the download can be downloaded from. The first thing that the user should do is to check for virus infections in his computer. It is important to make sure that the registry of the PC is cleaned after the download of the application because if the registry is not cleaned, then the PC might have further problems. When the registry is properly cleaned, the PC will run faster and the speed of the Windows will increase.

by Gaku
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